Our Goals


Hire Strong New Superintendent

  • Create a list of qualifications
  • Create new selection process
  • Select candidate with experience, expertise, and values reflecting school board goals

Prioritize budget; contract for independent audit; streamline central office

  • Develop responsible path out of annual deficits
  • Create funding plan for expansion of early childhood education
  • Identify resources to create new schools and expand innovative programs in underserved areas

Create a system of school-based management with greater local autonomy

  • Hiring/firing power
  • Budget accountability/student-based budget
  • Management of student discipline/safety

Establish neighborhood schools and increase enrollment by increasing school choice

  • Improve relationship with RSD with goal of sharing resources to benefit all students
  • Create a common enrollment system that serves all publicly funded options in the district

Embrace STEM as a tool for increased business community involvement as well a defined career path for students

  • Implement JumpStart program for job readiness
  • Expand vocational and dual enrollment options
  • Launch successful new STEM-focused Lee High School